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Spreading my voice on the injustices of rape culture, misogyny, and human trafficking in an effort to educate others and empower like-minded women. Petition for Sexual Violence on Television Petition for Sexual Violence on Television

I can relate to this petition. I know whenever I see a show on TV depicting sexual violence it feels like someone is punching me in the throat. I become emotional, overly attached to the story, sympathetic, and sometimes angry. Television and the media make light of many things, but I think it is well over time to start demanding some sort of caution tape for the overly offensive. No one is able to truly understand how personal it can feel to someone when they are knee deep in an episode and it ends up portraying a rape case. I was recently watching a Bones episode that I missed, and in the middle of the episode it came about that a young girl was drugged and raped. I almost panicked. I never realized how much it could truly affect me to see that. I found myself sympathizing with the actress. It obvious enough to avoid Law & Order: SVU, but I probably would have avoided that episode of Bones if I had known how upsetting it would be for me. I am in the midst of a healing process, the last thing I need is to feel I am reliving my own incident through the eyes of an actress on TV. You can sign this petition to stand up and say that we want a “Sexual Violence Warning” on any show that may portray it. 

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