As Free as a Bird

Spreading my voice on the injustices of rape culture, misogyny, and human trafficking in an effort to educate others and empower like-minded women.

About the blog

I want to provide a community for women to empower them, as well as educate any family/friends of women who have been trafficked, exploited, raped, sexually abused, sexually harassed, etc. I will be posting encouraging pictures, honest pictures, difficult pictures, encouraging thoughts, honest thoughts, difficult thoughts, and many facts. This blog is yours/ours. If you have anything to add to the blog email me your thoughts – it can be posted anonymously (just be sure to tell me that you want it to be anonymous when you send it). I want everyone to have something they can relate to. Pictures are welcome. It will be raw, it will be real, it will be empowering to all of us.

Why I named the blog “As Free as a Bird”:

I want to show the world that women are strong and that we can prevail. You can be free to change your own life – not be defined by a moment in your lifetime. Be free.

Note: I do not welcome negativity or bullying on this blog. This is a safe place for women and their loved ones.

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