As Free as a Bird

Spreading my voice on the injustices of rape culture, misogyny, and human trafficking in an effort to educate others and empower like-minded women.

About the blogger

Baring my soul for the world to read. I am not afraid. I am strong.

I am a 23-year-old college student with about a year to go before I graduate with a major in Sociology and a minor in Criminal Justice. I was recently hired on at a Rape Crisis Center in my local area. I reach out to high school students through sexual assault prevention efforts. I meet with various classes in my area facilitating discussions around violence and stereotyping.

My interest in human rights began when I took a course called Modern Social Problems my freshman year in college. In the course we would watch documentaries on various injustices and discuss societal influences. A few years later my sister started volunteering with a human trafficking organization that would mentor to young girls in juvenile detention centers who were trafficked/possibly trafficked. The main goal of the group was to teach the girls in the center about self-worth and positive self-image. All of the mentors involved would attend information sessions and seminars to become fully educated on all aspects of human trafficking (domestic and overseas). My sister would bring back information to me on the subject and I became increasingly interested in the cause. I have always considered human services as my focus in college, so it seemed to become more of a perfect fit for me as I learned more about it. My junior year in college I took another course in which we discussed injustices (focusing mainly on popular culture and societal views on women). This is when I realized that I wanted to focus my efforts on empowering and counseling women – especially those who had gone through life-changing events like human trafficking, rape (or any form of sexual abuse), dealing with the sex industry, exploitation, etc.

My interest blossomed in full during some recent life occurrences. Personally dealing with the justice system I realized that I wanted to change it, or at the very least bring light to problems within it. A great example of rape culture can be seen throughout the Steubenville, Ohio case. I want to show girls that though they went through a terrible experience, their life does not have to be over. I want to empower women so that they can show the world they are not defined by any incident, but rather prove they are able to prevail through tough situations and excel afterwards.

For those who have questions/comments, my email is:

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