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A Different Shade of Beauty

I can’t even begin to understand their pain.


Racism, Stereotyping, and Self-Worth

This video shows that even at such a young age children are socialized to believe certain stereotypes about different races. Luckily I grew up in a family that was well-rounded and informed, rather than racist and ignorant, but not every child is so lucky. White children have been taught to fear those of a different race/ethnicity. We are constantly taught to question their motives and view them in a negative light. These thoughts can come from our families, but they most certainly come from society. Racial profiling is real, and I see it happen all the time. Though I grew up in an accepting family, I was still exposed to society’s thoughts on race. We are constantly bombarded with these ideals from society that tell us that only the white/light-skinned people are powerful, intelligent, beautiful, and successful. I don’t know how accurate the video is as far as what children of other races are taught, but I would like to know if their parents enforced the negative thoughts of their own race, if those thoughts are subconscious feelings taught to them by society, or both. I can’t imagine what it is like growing up in an environment constantly being told and feeling inferior, even if you are extremely intelligent and qualified. I partially know how it feels to be looked down upon or not seen as qualified since women are still making 77 cents to a man’s dollar, but I still have no idea how it feels to feel truly hated or screwed over by society. We shouldn’t have to have laws or interest groups forcing equality. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe in the color blind mentality. The one when white people say, “Oh, race doesn’t bother me, I don’t even see their color.” Well, you should see it, and see the beauty and diversity. Saying you’re color blind is almost as culturally ignorant, if not more culturally ignorant, than someone who is racist. I had to learn this fact the hard way, too, fellow white people, but it is a reality you need to be aware of. We need to be as active as we can in children’s lives so that children are growing up educated, culturally aware, and accepting. It is about damn time we do so. And while we are at it, let’s take down societal norms. There is still racism even though we have a “black” president (P.S. he is mixed-race). If no one stands up against racism, things will never change and it will always be accepted.

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