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How to End Rape

How to Prevent Rape

Who Are You?

This gets a little rough, but it is important for people to see what can happen when a fun night turns into a nightmare. The point is that many sexual assaults could be prevented if people were more observant or went with their gut feelings. If you see a girl who has clearly had too much to drink with someone who seems to be force feeding her more drinks and taking her somewhere she may not want to go, speak up for her. It is better to be wrong and offend someone than to be right and a girl ends up assaulted. Alcohol IS a date rape drug. You can be totally compromised and debilitated by alcohol alone. I consider it rape if a man takes advantage of a woman who is too intoxicated to give consent. Informed consent is key. Their is no honor in taking advantage, that is called being a coward. Again, you could prevent this from happening. Speak up if something is telling you to speak up. Make yourself heard and stand up for what is right.


How to Handle a Drunk Girl on Your Couch

What’s a bro to do?

Real men respect women.


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